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Singular Past Tense Verb Endings

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These are the endings for the verbs in the past tense. As far as I understand it now, these are the same for all verb groups.

تُ (-tu) for first person singular أنا (‘anaa, I)

تَ (-ta) for first person singular أنتَ (‘anta, you (m) )

تِ (-ti) for first person singular أنتِ (‘anti, you (f) )

no ending for first person singular هو (huwa, he)

تْ (-t) for first person singular هي (hiya, she)

Note further that the last letter of the stem is silent for first and second person, but not for the third.

An example with درس (darasa, to study):

دَرَسْتُ (darastu, I studied)

دَرَسْتَ (darasta, you (m) studied)

دَرَسْتِ (darasti, you (f) studied)

دَرَسَ (darasa, he studied)

دَرَسَتْ (darasat, she studied)


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