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Verbs in Arabic – Past Tense – The Table

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Haven given somewhat of an overview of the verb in general, it’s time to jump in.

The first thing you’ll have to do is learn the actual endings by hart. Take note that I’ve placed them in the traditional Arabic order here, starting with third person (“he” / “she” / “they”) and moving down to the first person. For the traditional English ordering, see previous posts (singular and plural). The table is given with the word درس (darasa, “to study”).

دَرَسَ (darasa)
he studied
دَرَسوا (darasuu)
they (m) studied
دَرَسَتْ (darasat)
she studied
دَرَسْنَ (darasna)
they (f) studied
دَرَسْتَ (darasta)
you (sing. masc.) studied
دَرَسْتُمْ (darastum)
you (plural. masc.) studied
دَرَسْتِ (darasti)
you (sing. fem.) studied
دَرَسْتُنَّ (darastunna)
you (plural. fem.) studied
دَرَسْتُ (darastu)
I studied
دَرَسْنا (darasnaa)
we studied

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